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The BeeGees Poem

On Finding Out the BeeGees own the Priory where Joan of Arc was Sentenced to Death I Write a Poem using 40 titles of their No. 1 Hits (I'm posting this in honor of Robin Gibb's announcement of his battle with cancer. Thanks, songman for songs that always cheer me up! The BeeGees are the only band to have number ones in five decades.) It was God whom she needed to show how deep was her love, and for one night only, spirits having flown, she was named guilty, doomed to stand, sticks and specks, against the flames' shadow dancing. Did she think, did she hear alone the melody, through the still waters of her timeless, god-connected mind for whom the bell still tolls, knowing a love so right, the words in the night, in the night we love, we know how to do it? Did a horn section blast out the hard beats, shout out as the ropes lashed her wrists, the words nobody gets too much heaven no more? Did she expect to get saved by the greatest bell? I just want to be