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The Font Poem I Wrote Live on Twitter Answering My Own Question

I want a Twilight font that drips blood and snaps in two when deleted. I want a Romantic poetry font that has birds in it and damp chunks of moss. I want an Art Deco font in which I will type in blue terra cotta tile. I want a Lascaux Cave font comprised of berries, blood and the sounds of wild animals outside the cave. I want a Marcel Marceau font that says nothing and still makes the reader weep. I want a Beethoven font that no one can hear and a Chagall font that flies, painted red, above the page. A Sartre font in which when I write I love you it doesn’t mean you are in a cage. I want a zen font that vanishes in the wind. I want a Camus font that carries no meaning. I want a Malthus font with a bug in its mouth. Design for me a Darwinian font. Let the words eat each other. And then eat the page. An Edith Piaf font that sings for the Resistance. A Billie Holiday font that prints only in blue. A Lao Tzu font. It is made of water, fire, some dirt and a soft breeze.